Lucky Larry’s
St Etienne Biennale Design
8th March - 9th April

Lucky Larry was around at the beginnings of time when the first molecules started to reproduce themselves and it all started. He’s Lucky and he would like to share it with you

Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune is both a diagram and a functioning commune towards making the revolution happen and allowing us to live with it after. Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune is a super surface and a complete living system that allows all life activities to happen; it’s goal is the creation of a new universal common and the re-evolution of the human spirit.

Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune sees itself as a non-utopian utopia or a non gesamt-gesamt kunstwerk. it is made following the concept of the every-topia and the here, now and easily available. Humour is fundamental and all are invited to inhabit the commune.

& Participation

Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune seeks to function as an exchange economy, accommodation is for free and participants are asked in exchange for labour such as cleaning, cooking, gardening, giving a lecture, a performance or a concert, and the production of Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune merchandise: a dominatrix with a whip is on hand to make sure the job gets done. Please Enjoy.

To stay and participate at Lucky Larry’s please contact


Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune is a place to create revolutionary minds. Following the concept of the non total-total artwork and to help feed the fire, Lucky Larry welcomes a host of invited interventions, works; lectures and performances, including:

MACAO Nuovo Centro per l’Arte Milano, CUCULA Workshop for Refugees Berlin, students and alumni of the Dirty Art Department Amsterdam, Ceci Foundation Berlin, Daniel Deward and Gregory Gicquel, Dave Dorell, Egon Elliut, Noam Toran, Lukas Feiriess, New Day Gallery Berlin, Deborah Bowmann Gallery Brussels, Emmanuele Braga and Maddalena Fragnito, Stephane Barbier-Bouvet, Reinier Kranendonk, Nik Kosmas c/o Johann Koenig, Fabian Woesthoff, Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo, Anna Reutinger, Aaron McLaughlin, Klara Hobza, Raoul Zellner, Mara Ploscaru, Eurico Sá Fernandes, Kolbrún Löve, Ivan Cheng…

Wednesday, 8th March
opening day - activities all day
Lucky Larry's Welcome Workout - Jo Vávra
Lecture Performance Jerszy Seymour 'A General Theory of Design'
Live Jam with Lucky Larry Residents and Kombucha cocktails by Buch Brothers
Thursday, 9th March
Pizza workshop
Lecture - Dave Dorell
Friday, 10th March
TotFlexAerobics - Jo Vávra
opening party - Pump up the Revolution   -  Djs Dave Dorell and Egon Elliut with VJs Nicola Baratto and Kolbrún Löve
Saturday, 11th March
TotFlexAerobics - Jo Vávra
Sunday, 12th March
dinner with Detroit Urban Farmers
Wednesday, 15th March
Thursday, 16th March
Friday, 17th March
lecture - Reinier Kranendonk
PLANET D91 - rave - DJs  Daatsu and Toma Kami
Saturday, 18th March
TotFlexAerobics - Jo Vávra
Sunday, 19th March
Lucky Pizza - homemade pizza lunch
Monday, 20th March
yogastretch - Jo Vávra
Wednesday, 22nd March
TotFlexStretch - Jo Vávra
Friday, 24th March
enzo on acid workshop  - Cucula workshop for refugees berlin
party - Detroit Cafe crew
Saturday, 25th March
hacking enzo workshop  - Cucula workshop for refugees berlin
lecture - Emanuele Braga (MACAO) - The Political Value of a Techno Future
performance curated by MACAO’s Tavolo Suono
DJset by Tavolo Suono
Monday, 27th March
TotFlexStretch - Jo Vávra
Wednesday, 29th March
Free Muscle Memory workout I - Alban Karsten
TotFlexAerobics - Jo Vávra
Thursday, 30th March
Free Muscle Memory workout II - Alban Karsten
performance - Ivan Cheng - Phantom Cigarette
Friday, 31st March
Free Muscle Memory workout III - Alban Karsten
lecture - Lukas Feireiss - Moonstruck. A Brief Visual-Cultural History of Mankind's Dream of Fl
Saturday, 1st April
TotFlexAerobics - Jo Vávra
party - Valentin Noiret and Friends
Monday, 3rd April
TotFlexStretch - Jo Vávra
Tuesday, 4th April
reading club - Marie-Hélène DESESTRE
Wednesday, 5th April
TotFlexAerobics - Jo Vávra
Friday, 7th April
TotFlexAerobics - Jo Vávra
exhibition opening of Lucky Larry's Cosmic Commune
Saturday, 8th April
opening party! - Neunau (live), Matteo Vallicelli (live), Black Arkipelago (dj set)


Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune is a place to create enlightened spirits.

For the revolution to be successful, and in the face of the problematic of the human condition and a universe without meaning, it is necessary to deal with finding a salve for the human soul. Therefore Lucky Larry presents his enlightenment cone. Each room is equipped with one for personal use. The energy should come flowing back.


Participants produce Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune merchandise to support the set up costs of Lucky Cosmic Commune with the intention to create a sustainable economic model.

It is possible to purchase Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune merchandise at Lucky Larry’s and coming soon online.


Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune is a Project by Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop:
Yanik Balzer, Janne Schimmel, Bruno Ziebel, Moreno Schweikle, Travis Broussard, Jo Vavra, Fabian Woesthoff, Constantin Dichtl, Lennart Franz, Danielle Walker, Lucy Carasco, Veronika Bjarsch and Jerszy Seymour with the help of Abigail Grace Nka, Celia Descours, Antoine Guerbois, Marcel Mariotte, Martin Caillaud, Henrik Hjort, Peter Reinholt, Jeannette Petrik, Riccardo Camargo, Andrea Patrizia Dieck, Reinier Kranendonk and Milan Tak.

Edition Production Management: Veronika Bjarsch
Website: Studio Ponto
Video: Kolbrún Löve

Thanks to: Olivier Peyricot, The Cite du Design, The Sandberg Instituut, Montana Spray Paints, Heytex, Naturmat and Bangkok Thai Massage.


Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune
C/o St Etienne Design Biennale
Cité du Design
3 rue Javelin Pagnon
4200 Saint Etienne

Tel: +49 15251001707